NO Fire or Charcoal except in specified developed recreation sites

YES —- Enclosed gas, propane, or butane type camp stoves with and ON/OFF switch.

NO —- Fired or charcoal within rock fire rings and the use of wood-burning stoves in canvas wall tents

NO SMOKING —— Unless in an enclosed vehicle or building or stopped in an area at least 3 feet in diameter that is cleared of flammable material.

For more information call your Local Fire Agency


                                         A Message From Kootenai County Sheriff

Continued heat and dry conditions prompt firm enforcement of fireworks and burn ban violations.

With the 4th of July right around the corner coupled with the hot, dry conditions, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office will be taking rigid enforcement of all fireworks laws as well as pursuing action against anyone found violating current burn ban restrictions.

At this time, fireworks that are labeled “safe and sane” or non-aerial common fireworks that are bought from local vendors are still legal to use from midnight on June 23rd to midnight on July 5th. However, with any burning material, there is a high risk of fire danger.

Anyone possessing, using, selling or otherwise violating State or local fireworks laws constitutes an infraction penalty and is subject to a fine of $156.00 for each offense.

As the hot and dry conditions persist, the Sheriff’s Office asks that everyone exercise good judgement and act responsibly when celebrating this 4th of July and throughout the summer months.

The Worley Fire Protection District will strive to provide Fire Prevention, Safety Education, Fire Suppression, Haz-Mat Response to the Operational Level, Rescue, and Extrication Services in as safe and effective a manner as possible with the resources provided.



The Administrative Offices are now located at
31541 South Highway 95
Worley, ID 83876

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